Randa Hamwi Duwaji, who sees humanity on an unmarked plane, has been an avid promoter of inter-cultural relations ever since the tender age of nine.

Her writings and artwork reflect the belief that we are inherently alike as people, shaped by experience, and distinguished by the legacies we leave behind.

Arriving at the junction where youth meets maturity, the personality of each is delineated upon the face of life, as a riverbed upon the face of earth, each flowing away from Source in a seemingly predetermined direction.

But at times it will change course to fulfill potential, and at times it will be diverted by topographic hurdles.

No two rivers are alike. Each carves its own channel.
Its depth refuge for life within it, its surface support for life upon it.

And each river will see change.

It will change color, temperature, with seasons and sun.
It will ripple with wind, rage in hurricane.
It will contract, expand in drought or rain.

It will flow around curves, through crevices, splash against rocks, sweep down gradients, seep into earth when weak, or strengthen and grow, joining other streams, until, at the end of its journey, transcending individuality, it loses itself in the ocean where all waters merge and become one.

But the passages etched on the face
of earth remain,bearing witness to rivers that once flowed through.

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